About Us

Our homepage’s purpose is to introduce a shaked together group of companies’ activities which operates on security and legal fields.

This comprehensive service supplying company is coordinated and operated by Gábor Iványi. He spent the late 80’s in Israel studying languages and this profession. Since then he has been there more times on professional trainings. He can speak English, German, Russian and Hebrew. He has been working in security industry since 1990. He has spent many years with international business men as person protection and security advisor and he has worked for emphatic companies as a manager. He has been extending these experiences in his own company what he established a few years ago. He can use his international relationships all the time what he has built in the last 20 years. Ordinary training and learning is really important to him. His main ambition is to provide as holistic service as he can both in the security industry and in legal problems. In this case he does not have to refuse anybody’s requests and problem solving the fibers can converge in his hands so he can give more efficient solutions.